Guru Poornima 2011 | Andhra Pradesh Celebrates with SMS, e-Greetings

Guru Poornima, a festival celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists all over the world on the account of the first sermon given by Lord Buddha on this day at Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh and it is also believed that sage Ved Vyas was born the same day. It is celebrated on the full moon day of ‘ashad’ a month according to the Hindu calendar.

On this day the disciple offer ‘puja’, a ceremonial respect to their guru (a guide with religious believes).

This accounts to the’ guru-shishya ‘ relationship (teacher-student) between the sage Vyas and his followers. He was believed to have started writing his Bhramasutras which are the key guidance’s for the ancient sages and wandering monks. This festival is celebrated among Hindus in all spiritual traditions all over India.

In the year 2010, the Guru Poornima had occurred on July 25. And in the year 2011, it is celebrated on 15th of July. On this day people after offering their respects to their Guru’s observe a fast and take spiritual resolutions.

In this modern era, people are now celebrating Guru Poornima and greeting each other by using SMS, e-greetings and many other ways to pay respect to the eternal bondage between student and teacher.

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