Godavari Institute Of Engineering & Technology

Godavari Institute Of Engineering & Technology
Vellugu Badha (V), Chaitanya Nagar,  Raganagaram (M), Rajahmundry – 533 29,  Andhra  Pradesh 
1998 / PRIVATE
Dr. L.S. Gupta
Phone Nos: 0883-2484828, 2484829, 2484830, 2484831
Fax Nos: 0883-2484739
Courses Offered:
Bio Medical Engineering
Bio Technology
Computer Sc. & Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Electronics & Comm. Engineering
Information Technology
M.E. Cad/Cam
M.Tech.-Power Systems (High Voltage)
M.Tech.-Software Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech. – Dig. Electronics & Comm. Systems
M.Tech. – Computer Science & Engg.

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