Friendship Day | Messages, quotes, poems, scraps and Shayari this time

Hyderabad, August 7: You might have already celebrated the wonderful day…the Friendship Day today. But, of course, it is worth to read again about he innovation and new trends seen this time. Not going by the routine, friends across the globe choose the latest and innovative way of greeting each other. This time, probably for the first time, poems and shayari taken place in friend ship day quotes. People eagerly searching for the latest quotes, messages and greeting to express their love and affection towards their close friends. Friendship day SMS messages again on top as websites like Way2SMS has gained momentum as people rushed to the site to use this free tool to send messages on friendship day Social networking sites also banged with scraps and posts on walls with creative messages. Facebook, Orkut witnessed millions of messages today. Not unusual, but as a continuation of trend, e-greetings too in the first place in friendship day celebrations. Friendship day messages also taken a key place as Google provided regional language tools to great in their mother language like Telugu, Hindi by sending friendship day messages.

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