Facebook for School Children | Better to keep your child away from social media

Facebook for School Children | Better to keep your child away from social media

Facebook is found to be one of the best micro blogging sites among people. Facebook has gained its popularity among the people in recent time. Though it gained the popularity in recent times, it has reached the common people so quickly. Major reason behind its popularity is because of its appearance and comfort in regular usage.
Facebook is a micro blogging site used by many people in and around the world. People started to send their time with such social networking sites. People find this as a convenient way of communication and chatting. Main purpose of these micro blogging is to make the connected always.
There are millions of people using Facebook. Especially when it comes to school children, they are all more exposed to Facebook. Though Facebook helps the people to stay connected always, it is not always good.
Since Facebook is open to all, people are more addicted to Facebook. This applies to school going children also, these children started to concentrate more on social networks such as Facebook because of which the children’s studies get spoiled.

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Here are some tips on how to restrict the school children from Facebook:
1. Restrict Up to Certain Age Limit
Since there is no age limit for using Facebook, school children who are just in the age of 15- 18 are using. If there is restriction that people who are above 18 years can create account, then it will not affect the school children.
2. More Informative
Though the usage is restricted there will people who creates a Facebook account using malpractices. In that case, if the Facebook contains more information about studies and competitive exam papers, then it will be more informative as well as entertaining site.
3. Restrictions Within Facebook
When children below the age of 18 are accessing, there should be restriction within the pages access. That is the children should not be allowed to access the adult pages.

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