Ed CET 2010 | B.Ed Distance Education | Seeking Notification details

Question: Please let me know the details of the Notification issued if any by the Osmania  Univerisity,For  B.Ed (distance Education) in 2010.
-Sudhir – Hyderabad
Ans: The tentative dates for notifications for 2010 CET’s including EdCET 2010 has been posted on educationandhra.com already for your use. Please use search option to get the complete dates schedule. FYI: B.Ed Distance Education from Osmania University will be only for working teachers. Thos who put up 2-3 years above service in teaching, in a recognised school are eligible to get a seat in distance course in Osmania. This rule is ofcourse for all other universities in the state. Hope you are in that category. As and when that notification announced, educationandhra.com will publish it for your use.
All the best.

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