Campus Festivals | Fresher Party a trend for students, bread and butter for event managers

Campus Festivals | Fresher Party an trend for young students, bread and butter for event managers

Campus Festivals and the customary welcome parties organized by colleges have come of age. From being held in the confines of the college they have grown into big events with involvement of service providers such as Fashion show choreographers, Dance Instructors, Caterers, Event Management agencies, DJs, etc. Management and students vie with other colleges for one-upmanship in organizing the parties welcoming the newbies with style and splendor. Fashions Shows, Talents Shows, Games, Contests, Mr. & Ms. Fresher Competitions, etc. give the new students their share of fun and glamour. The parties are funded by the students themselves with college managements too chipping in. Sometimes the celebrations continue ever after the Freshers’ Party in the colleges in the form of various talent shows, contests, etc.

Though most the roles are taken up by students, professional help is required as the parties have grown in size and stature. Campus festivals and parties by some institutions have in fact acquired cult status, says Mr. Vishesh Singh of Page3 Events, Hyderabad. Roping in sponsors, managing crowds, security, parking, catering, sound & light, décor, etc. makes organizing college fests an uphill task but the students with their youth and interest make it happen. College festivals have are changing with time… from cultural festival to college festivals to management fests and now technical festivals are gaining popularity. Compared to college festivals, fresher parties are organized on a smaller scale. But they too are witnessing changes.

Freshers’ party as the name suggests is a party offered to the Fresher. It’s an introductory function for the new comers where they get to know about the adopted culture of the institution of which they are a part now after. The introductions happen in a friendly manner and to establish a friendly-cum-respectful relationship between the seniors and juniors, said Prof. B.P. Padala, Chairman of Roots, Hyderabad-based International School of Business and Management which held it Freshers Party at a city hotel recently.

Instead of the management, students involvement is important says Prof. Padala, as they learn to take on a greater role of a senior, learn to arrange and organise things and nurture and nourish their new friendship with the new students. Right from designing the invitation to successfully organizing a good show, our students toiled hard, he added.

Freshers Parties give an opportunity for seniors to know and mingle with the juniors in a jovial atmosphere says D. Rakesh of NRI Junior College, Madhapur who took an active part in organizing their party. I learned many things such as event and crisis management, optimum usage of resources, etc. The experience enhanced my life skills; I improved time management and organizational abilities states D. Rakesh.

Freshers Day parties filled with excitement, joy and music turns the spotlight on the new students giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills says Ms. Nidhi, a student.  Why fuss about money being spent on Freshers’ Parties.  Aren’t we spending on ourselves in many different ways, she questioned.

These parties have become fad with students. They insist on the managements that they should conduct them, said Prof. Rajkumar Pillay, Dean of Academics of a College. Shreya, another student in a city college says it gives us an opportunity to know all well. It is a good practice, she felt. We look forward to these kind of college parties and festivals. They are a happy occasion.  Everyone gets to mingle. We also learn a little bit of management, opined Gaurav Sarkar.

Villa Marie, St. Francis, St. Mary’s are some colleges which take lead in conducting visible students activities, festivals and parties. They are also serving for some institutions as buzz generators for the institutions.

Fresher parties have also become stylish welcome parties. One will be astonished to see the trends in the vogue. Now that Engineering colleges admissions are in full swing, soon Engineering colleges will start welcome parties and talent shows. The styles adapted by some of these colleges are on par with the best of the corporate in the city. Mostly they are organized in five star hotels. Recently, a college in city footed a bill of Rs 1.75 lakhs on freshers party!

These parties have also emerged as fashion statements. These parties have themes. There are website offering and suggesting themes for the Freshers Parties, Youth Festivals, etc. There are guidelines also given on speaking on the occasion etc. Performing artists are also invited from far off places and different cities. Facebook and YouTube are flooded with photographs and videos of these parties. Talent Shows such Ms. Fresher, Mr. Fresher, Ms. Personality, Mr. Personality, Ms. Charming, Mr. Charming, Singer, Actor, etc are also organized.

Characters such as Steve Jobs, Osama Bin Laden made a guest appearance in a Freshers party Aamanthran 2012 recently.

Keesara Karthik who has been adjudged as the Mr. Fresher in a recently organized Roots School of Management Freshers Party argues that these events do more good to students. Take for instance, to win this coveted title I was posed a question: “How are you different from others?”.  My reply was “If life gives me 100 reasons to cry, I will have 1000 reasons to smile. This is how I am different from others” he said.

Fashion Shows, Skits, Group Dances, DJ Shows have become order of the day at these parties.  I have acted in a Mime Cricket Skit and discovered my acting skills. Many colleges with or without grounds, big halls, students hardly concentrate on extracurricular activities. Occasions like these are unique platforms for them to showcase their talent, said Ms. Nivedita, Choreographer who choreographs for Fashions Shows held in Colleges. Extra Curricular activities are very important in the student’s life. But, at the same time, they shouldn’t become lavish affairs, opined Mr. Mahesh Yadav, Corporator from Ameerpet.

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