Bournvita Quiz Contest on Colors TV Channel by Derek O Brien

Mumbai, August 2: After four years, Bournvita Quiz Contest-BQC, the much anticipated quiz show with a popular host will return once again. This time on India’s leading General Entertainment Channel Colors from Sunday, 14th August, 2011.

Bournvita Quiz Contest will be back on air because of a hugely popular online movement on Facebook  and various blog sites, wherein people expressed their support for BQC.

The movement on Facebook populated 160,000 fans in a short span of 4 months with users posting one-liners like ‘Don’t be Stupid, Bring Bournvita Quiz Contest Back’ which were then converted into banners and badges on the page.

An overwhelming sense of nostalgia is immediately associated with Bournvita Quiz Contest and its popular host – Derek O’Brien. The format of the show has been realigned to showcase some interesting and exciting twists. The current format is a blend of entertainment/ education and has evolved with the tastes of the consumer.

For the first season, Bournvita Quiz contest offers enthusiasts a chance to feature on the show as part of the “main bhi quizmaster” segment. People are invited to post their videos on the YouTube channel One lucky winner per show will get a chance to be a guest quiz-master and ask participants one question on the show.

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