BITS Pilani faculty wins IBM Innovation Award for concept on Smart Crop Management Systems

Hyderabad, March 21: Professors Navneet Goyal and Poonam Goyal, Department of Computer Science at BITS Pilani were awarded the 2010 IBM Scalable Data Analytics Innovation Faculty Award.
The renown award was shared along with Dr. Anil Rai, Principal Scientist, Indian Agricultural Statistical Research Institute, Delhi in recognition of the significance of the research concept “Developing a Smart Crop Management System using Data Analytics” which was submitted by them.
The award carries a cash prize of US $ 15000 besides providing an opportunity to present their research findings at an IBM Workshop to be held in November 2011.

The team took note of the fact that a huge amount of wheat stockpile was wasted in the country in 2010 due to lack of adequate storage room. This wheat stockpile could have fed more than 200 million people over a period of one year. The research concept submitted by Prof. Goyal and his team envisages the development of a smart crop management system which has two subsystems namely, Crop Yield Prediction System and Early Warning System. The Crop Yield Prediction System will predict accurately in advance, the yield of crops in the country which will help the government agencies in planning, storage and distribution. Early Warning System, on the other hand, will warn the farmers about crop diseases so that the farmers can take preventive measures.
Over 20 years of comprehensive data relating to Indian agriculture and meteorology is available at the Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Delhi and this data will be used for the research project by Prof. Goyal and his team.
Prof. Goyal and his team is one among the 17 awardees to receive the Scalable Data Analytics Award this year. Others to receive the awards include researchers from universities of Yale, Massachusetts, Edinburgh, California – Riveside, Oxford, Indiana and Maryland. Prof Goyal’s team was the only Indian entry to receive the award.

The IBM Innovation Faculty Awards is a worldwide program designed to encourage proposals that focus on teaching, research, or community building using key technologies. The program Director, Jeffrey Brody, Corporate University Relations, IBM, US in the award letter sent to BITS Pilani, says that the award is highly competitive and it acknowledges the quality of programs offered at BITS Pilani.
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