Best Android Phone Applications helping students in learing

Hyderabad, November 9: Is Android based mobile phones may change the perception of using mobile phones by young and teenagers? Probably the answer may be yes. Because, it is interesting to know that there are so many applications hitting the Android community. These applications are aimed to help the students to learn more and get more knowledge on their desired subjects. Many parents imposing ban on usage of ultra modern mobile gadgets by their children, fearing that social applications that available on current day modern mobile handset will spoil their children education. It is up to some extent true. But, what ever it is, it depends on how one is going to use any available resource in technology space.

Android has changed the face of mobile usage. Mobile handset virtually has become a mini computer with high resolution camera and video capabilities. Gadgets like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Tab are some of the important Android based mobile sets with high end applications.

When, we are trying to understand about the Android based learning applications, we found something interesting. Evernote, RealCalc, StudyDroid, Thinking Space are four best application we have noticed during our study. There are plenty of reviews available on these four best available options on Android based application search. There are computable versions for these applications to use these on iPhone or any other latest android based phone. So, next time, when you are thinking about imposing a ban on your child and restrict him to use mobile, think twice.


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