April Fools Day | Don’t be fool while trying to make others fool | SMS messages | jokes | Humour and Fun on fools day

Hyderabad, March 31: April 1st, the special day for every body world over. The day is special because, you don’t who will make you fool with some funny news or message or you may do the same with others. Already mobile SMS messages, jokes playing round and it may expected to peak by tomorrow. But, be sure, keep remember that, while trying to make them fool, don’t end up like a fool. Take some precautions while playing practical jokes with near and dear. Make it lighter and the act that you are playing to enjoy the fun of the day should be acceptable to all. Keep the note of the mindset of the person on the other side, which is going to face your joke or April fool day act. If the other guy is weak hearted and sensitive, convey him as early as possible that this is the fool’s day and nothing serious about the act that you have played. April Fools day should be filled with fun and humour but should not be ended up with non-sense and unhealthy affair. If you are lying on a serious issue, don’t drag it for a long time and just minimise the fun for few seconds or minutes and allow the others to realise the fact. This will make your April fool day a memorable one. Happy April Fool’s Day.

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