IIT-JEE 2012 | Tips to crack Joint Entrance Test to enter in to IITs

IIT-JEE 2012 | Tips to crack Joint Entrance Test to enter in to IITs | IIT-JEE preparation FAQs | IIT-JEE Syllabus and Books

At the doorstep of the IIT-JEE, many candidates feel nerves and some may lose confidence. But, experts advising to follow certain tips to be stable and crack the toughest engineering entrance test in the country easily. Here is a compiled version of tips suggested by some experts on how a candidate is expected to have been prepared, as cracking the JEE could be a frightening task for some…these are few FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Question’s). To list the out here are a few.

1. What’s the most important thing to be concentrated on to crack the IIT-JEE?
A: There is a false impression that the JEE can be cracked by learning something’s which are important, and leaving the others. This is absolutely false, as the prestigious institute of the country wouldn’t expect students who search for shortcuts of learning.
But the major thing to remember is to give proper timing to all the subjects according to the ease or flexibility in a subject for that particular student.
So I suggest you to leave selective study pattern as the exam is expected to cover all the topics.

2. What must be the grade or class from when the student must begin his preparation for the JEE?
A: The aspiration towards the JEE should start from the schooling but the basic preparation can be started from the 11th standard. There is no need to start a rigorous practice from the schooling time itself. The foundation can be started from the intermediate stage also.

3. What should be the major focusing areas or subjects which the student has to concentrate in the view of preparation?
A: The most frequently asked question among the FAQ’s, the aspects to be concentrated on are’ Math Physics Chemistry’. But the thing not to be forgotten is that the student should focus more on the concepts he/she is weak rather than the expected questions as some corporate colleges and institutions that misguide students.
A strategy of solving should be developed rather than remembering methods by rote.
Progress of the subjects and the grip on concepts should be revised periodically through tests

4. What is the number of books or sources of concepts a particular student should have read?
A: the number of sources should always be fixed but the candidate can use a few other books from what he/she follows to clarify doubts and have a good practice for the topics. But in this practice the student should not get into the habit of referring a big number of books because it messes up the things around causing trouble.
The student should try writing as many mock tests as possible as this will help in bearing the atmosphere of the exam as it is going to be a long 6-hour exam.

5. How should the week before the test be spent so that he student doesn’t get into panic?
A: The week before exam should be the most peaceful time the student should have ever spent while his two years of studying. No need to get tensed. The student must try to relax. Nothing new should be attempted as this could mess up all the clarity that the student previously would have had. But reading summary of the notes prepared earlier is good, as this would help the mind to stay fresh with the subject.

6. Tips regarding the questions to be answered in the exam- In terms of attempting particular questions or types in the section?
A: The first thing to be remembered is the candidate should not jump in to answer the question paper as soon as he receives it. The student who sincerely aspires to crack the JEE should give importance to reading it for Atleast 15min from the commencement of the exam.
The most important thing a student has to remember is that the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheet given to the student has to be dealt with utmost care, as this is the one that decides the entry of the students to the IIT’s. The OMR sheet should be filled as soon as an answer is known rather than delaying it to the end of exam. Also revise every 45 min of what all questions have been answered and what are left out.

Wishing you all the best….

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