How to score highest marks in public exams

Exam Tips

This is the time for exams… the final exams… a crucial test for anyone who wishes to build their career to further heights. As the final exams fast approaching, one must act confidently and diligently with proper planning. Your confident planning alone lead you the path of success. These days are very crucial and your positive approach with an unending effort can fetch you the desired results. Here are some of the excerpts, tips to score best marks in your exam.

– Make an effective planning for all the subjects
– Give stress on how you are going to present your answer.
– Write down the answers for important question number of times at least one week before of the exam and repeat the same ahead of one day.
– Take greater care on Map pointing, Bit Question, Diagrams.
– Do not neglect language subject, revise it regularly.
– During the final preparation, plan the study timings from with proper intervals.
– While writing the exam, try to present the answer in attractive way, which will make examiner easy to evaluate the answer sheet.
– Don’t attempt to write unnecessary, false and irrelevant matter, which may irritate examiner, there by losing your legitimate marks.
– Always be in a positive attitude. This will act like a tonic and rejuvenator and keep your spirits in high.
-Reach your examination centre 30 minutes before the exam. Take your seat in the hall a few minutes ahead of the exam time and relax.
-Take answer sheet and make sure to fill the hall ticket number and other details without any error.
-Read the question paper carefully before answering any question; first write the answers to the questions you know well.
-Write the answers legibly, neatly and correctly with utmost care. Draw the diagrams wherever necessary. Avoid underlines with red pen.
– Time management is very important for public exams as well as entrance tests. One should take important, high score question first and answer them properly within the time. Avoid extra matter in any answer and not to attempt extra questions.
-After completing the answer sheet, take few minutes time and cross check all the answers with the question paper. Check whether you have take all options are not.
-Apart from the studies planning, health is most important. Avoid junk food and street food during the exams season. Sleep atleast 7 hours a day to ease your tensions.

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