How to prepare for EAMCET Web counseling | EAMCET Mock counseling tips | Basic things to do before going for EAMCET web counseling

Hyderabad : After getting EAMCET ranks in hand, now it is going to be big challenge for the students to select the best college for their rank in EAMCET Web counseling. EAMCET Web counseling system had changed the counseling pattern In EAMCET and many students complain its sheer luck to get choice of college.
But, whatever the argument maybe, EAMCET Web counseling was implemented. This year too students have to register their ranks with the eamcet website for the web counseling.

–Preliminary information students need to check the In EAMCET previous data available at various websites including official eamcet website. The important point to check, compare the rank that one got with the In EAMCET 2009 rank. In which college and course/ branch the student had got the seat In EAMCET 2009 with the same rank will give a clue to get understanding over the ranks and possible college and course for his rank.

–Students also need to keep in mind that, In EAMCET earlier last rank admission is not just whole criteria for EAMCET Web counseling. There may be so many changes  taking place. New seats were added in the existing colleges and new colleges were permitted this year and some reputed colleges got sanctions for branches and added to the list of EAMCET Web counseling.

–Students should note before going for EAMCET Web counseling that the additional seats and new colleges will give scope to advance the hope on better rank and better college.
For example In EAMCET earlier years one has got a ECE seat in Sri Nidhi Engineering Colleges with 1200 rank, for this year it may be little flexible and 1300-1400 rankers may also pin hopes on Sri Nidhi ECE branch seat in EAMCET Web counseling. (This is just an example)

–While going for a mock counseling at any education consultancy or any agent or on your own with any website, student were advised not to take it as it is a final choice and it is just a possibility and official EAMCET Web counseling may change the prospects.

–While filling up the web counseling options, select as many as best colleges and courses. Don’t know, your luck may trigger. In EAMCET 2009, many students, who were selected the best colleges surprisingly got the seats. A student, with 70,000 rank, never had hopes to get CSE in Vignan College got the seat. It is just because, the optimum care that they have taken while filling the options in web counseling.

–Before registering to web counseling, get the updated list of the engineering colleges and identify the best of your choice and prepare a tentative list. List should have the EAMCET code of the college. There are many colleges with similar names. Beware of those simple mistakes.

–While selecting the college in EAMCET Web counseling, it is always better to think about the all the aspects like logistics, hostel, academic excellence, previous record, placement history, student preference, additional costs, internal fee structure etc. This will help the parents to plan for next four years.

–Unless It is a must, avoid selecting long distance colleges in web counseling. Try to choose as near as it is possible. Just don’t end up by the thought that, the college may have a bus. This will again a burden and journey obviously makes students tired.

We are trying our best to help the students on EAMCET Web counseling. If any body has any suggestion, they also join this discussion and share their views, to help more people to understand better about EAMCET Web counseling.

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16 thoughts on “How to prepare for EAMCET Web counseling | EAMCET Mock counseling tips | Basic things to do before going for EAMCET web counseling

  1. charan

    sir i got 61257 rank in eamcet 2010,i belong to o.c.can u please suggest me,in which branch can i get in top 19 colleges

  2. Sai Post author

    you can get CSE, IT, Mechanical, but depends on distance and the college that you select in the web counseling. Select as much as options in the web counseling.

  3. moyeez

    sir, with my rank and reservation im sure of getting seat in srinidhi, vnr vignan jyothi and mgit.
    can u please give me the order of preference among the above 3 colleges.

  4. Sai Post author

    Hi, All three colleges carries equal rank my dear. Select one, which is closer to your residence.

  5. shyam

    my eamcet rank is 13000,
    I woluld like to join in pharmacy_bipc stream,
    if u know any information plz inform me, i want know couceling date,plz tell me
    my contact:9985862583

  6. jyothi

    sir, i got 174954rank in emacet2010,belongs to sc.can u plz suggest me,which brach can i get seat

  7. vamsi

    sir, i got 69160rank in eamcet 2010 belongs to sc.can u plz suggest me,which brach can i get the seat.there is any in government college

  8. Shekhar Jena

    Sir i got 51938 Rank In Eamcet 2010 and i belong to BC-D Category and i want cse branch in vignan or Aniths.Should I keep my hopes alive?

  9. Sai Post author

    Hi It is may not possible for Vignan Hyderabad, but opt for out side vignan colleges if u r so particular about it. take choice in web options…good luck.

  10. prabhakar

    I got 19,000 rank. I belong to OC and not belong to this state.(Non-Local).
    What is the chance of getting good college in and around Hyderabad

  11. chaitanya

    sir i got 95000 rank in eamcet.will i get seat in cbit,vasavi or sreenidi under oc-pho catagory……………..

  12. Sai Post author

    Hi, Going by the last years data, it seems difficult for open category candidates. BC Candidates within this range got some chance. But, you can try some more good colleges, as competition seems to be less this year. As of now, your rank is at comfortable zone. Good Luck.

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