EAMCET 2010 | FAQs | Questions and answers on Seats Allotment in EAMCET Counseling

Rank is in your hand. But still, some kind of tension. Weather I may get desired course, college? A million dollar question, which is boomerangs the students.  Rank wise, category wise seat allocation, parity between candidate to candidate…these are the issues. Here is what to do if you face a problem on seat allocation. These some of FAQs only and many may arise during the counseling session. You may also participate in this information exchange effort by posting your questions or answers that you have.

Q: My rank is 450, I did not get a seat in a particular college.

Ans: Please verify the admitted list of that particular college and note down the rank last allotted in that category to which you belong to.

Q: I belong to BC-A Category and in the allotment order is printed as BC-C.

Ans: As per rules, the leftover seats of particular category will be diverted to next immediate category and finally to open category. For example: Leftover seats of BC-A will be diverted to BC-B and leftover seats of BC-A and BC-B will be converted to BC-C and so on in the cyclic order. The allotment now you got is the leftover vacancy of BC-C.

Q: I am having NCC ‘C’ Certificate and my rank is 1100. I did not get a seat in a

particular college but NCC candidate with a rank of 20000 got a seat in the same college.

Ans: In CAP, Sports and NCC, priorities will be followed.  A candidate with higher priority will be preferred for allotment based on his certificate but not on the rank. Please compare the priorities of yours and person to whom you are comparing.

Q: I am a Male candidate, and my rank is 100 belonging to OC category. But a

female candidate with rank number 175 got a seat in the same category.

Ans: She has been allotted a seat under 33 1/3 Women’s quota.

Q: My rank is 400 belonging to OC category. But a candidate with 475 rank was  allotted a seat in the same college but I was not allotted.

Ans: Please verify the category, the special reservation category of the candidate to whom you are referring.

Q: My rank is 11000, I did not get seat in a particular college where as the  candidate with 10000 rank has secured a seat in the said college.

Ans: Verify the Local Area and the category of the candidate to whom you are referring and which you are belonging to other Local Area and some other category of the candidate under reference, you have no claim over that seat.

Q:  My rank is 250, Belonging to OC category and OU Local area. A candidate with a  rank of 450 belonging to OU Local Area and OC category got a seat in a particular college where I did not get the seat though mine is a better rank and exercised the options.

Ans: As per the allotment of rules, the leftover seats of BC, SC, ST will be diverted to Open Competition.  During the Final Allotment Round for Open competition a seat vacated by a candidate will be allotted to the next immediate ranker in the merit order. Accordingly, rank number 350 has vacated a seat for which you have given options since, 450 ranker is the next immediate rank who exercised the options in favour of that college has been allotted a seat. That means till 350 rank, no vacancy arose in that particular college, if at all you have to be considered once again for that vacated seat again the allotment process has to begin from rank number 1 and the entire allotment process will be eternal loop or perpetual cycle which is an endless process.

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9 thoughts on “EAMCET 2010 | FAQs | Questions and answers on Seats Allotment in EAMCET Counseling

  1. nandini

    I have studied 9th and 10th in Delhi, and inter here in Hyderabad.Am I a local or a nonlocal?

  2. valli

    i got 65000 rank in eamcet2010,i am female in open Quota,means O.C,in which engnnering college i get free seat,i want to know in b-category which college i get the set

  3. sree

    i got 65 marks in eamcet 2012 n i do have sc resevation n my ipe % is 20 out of 25 so is der any chance of getting seat in mbbs ?

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