AIEEE 2012 Ranks | Who is the First Ranker?

AIEEE 2012 Ranks | Who is the First Ranker? | AP Corporate Colleges Claims Questioned | Ranks war in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad, June 10: After announcement of any national level competitive exam, claims of securing the first rank in that particular test are always a controversy. This time, AIEEE 2012 first rank claim seems to be drawing new war between corporate colleges, as the media reports saying that the first was secured by a Delhi boy and Delhi girl in their respective categories.
While Sri Chaitanya group claiming the top slot in AIEEE, media reports from Delhi saying that-one Sandeep Pathry, student of Government Boys Senior Secondary School secured the All India 1st rank in AIEEE. Pathry secured 346 out of 360 marks and emerged as topper, a Times of India report said.
In Girls category, Mansi Sood of DPS Vasant Kunj secured top slot and stood 6th in overall rankings.
Interestingly, miffed by the Sri Chaitanya Group’s claims, rival colleges started campaign and sending the copies of media reports published in various media giving clarity on AIEEE 1st ranker.
The latest development raising doubts over the quality and credibility of the so called corporate colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

Other rival corporate college group Narayana Group also faced similar charges earlier, claiming the ranks of the other student from other colleges.

To market their colleges and mint money, AP based colleges are indulging in to every possible unethical activity including showing man handling of the others staff.

On the other side, academic community raising doubts over the way the AP based corporate colleges training the students un scientific way ignoring the importance of the scholastic learning process. Currently, AP based corporate colleges recruiting in huge numbers and rubbing them 12-14 hours a day without considering the academic values and systems. While the government agencies are helpless, parents are following those campaigns in race expecting ranks and seats to their children, without assessing the capacity of their own children. Seems, the war for ranks reached its peaks in the state. Any comments, suggestions, discussion on this topic is welcome.
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To answer the anti Sri Chaitanya Campaign, The Group Chairman and Director presented Sandeep Patrhy before Andhra Pradesh Media. The allegations made by the rival groups saying that the Sri Chaitanya has bought the Pathry in support of the claim was in circulation. The college management termed those as false and provided Pathry’s credentials in support to prove that he was the student of Group College Delhi Branch.

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